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7 Reasons Why Distilled Water in Your Household Is Advantageous

Cold mineral water with ice
Many homeowners don't entirely understand exactly what distilled water is and therefore aren't sure whether it's the best type of water for their home. Some homeowners are even unsure if distilled water is safe to drink.
Simply speaking, distilled water is water purified through distillation. The distillation process involves boiling water so that it becomes steam and thereby separates from contaminants such as dissolved minerals and heavy metals.
Distilled water is an excellent choice of water in a household for a variety of reasons. The following are seven reasons why using distilled water in your household is advantageous.

1. Drinking the Purest Water Possible

Because the distillation process gets rid of all the contaminants in water, distilled water is absolutely pure. Distilled water won't contain any biological contaminants, such as parasites, and bacteria, such as Salmonella. Also, distilled water won't contain chemical contaminants such as chlorine and barium. 
While critics of distilled water sometimes claim that it reduces vitamin and mineral consumption in those who drink it, vitamins and minerals contained in water that hasn't been distilled can easily be consumed through food in a well-balanced diet. 

2. Promoting Digestion

The pureness of distilled water helps the body to absorb nutrients in foods. Drinking and using distilled water keeps inorganic minerals out of the body that can sometimes interfere with proper digestion if they accumulate in the organs and bloodstream.

3. Having Naturally Purified Water

Tap water is typically made "safe" for drinking by mixing it with chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine that kill harmful biological contaminants. However, this is an unnatural method of making water drinkable, and chemicals that are added can be harmful in their own ways while killing biological contaminants.
Distilled water is naturally purified through a simple process that doesn't involve exposing it to chemicals.

4. Avoiding Hard Water Problems

If you use distilled water in your home, you know it will not contain dissolved minerals that are the cause of hard water problems.
Hard water is harsh to bathe in and can dry out hair and skin. Hard water also tends to leave troublesome mineral deposits on dishes and in home appliances like a water heater.
With distilled water, homeowners can enjoy healthier skin and longer lasting appliances.

5. Naturally Cleansing the Body

Distilled water is known for naturally cleansing the body thanks to its pureness. Distilled water removes potentially harmful toxins from the system and therefore helps people stay healthy when they consume it regularly. 

6. Knowing Exactly What You're Getting

Distilled water is basically the only type of water that allows those who use it the comfort of knowing they're drinking nothing but pure water. The various tap water and springs water varieties out there always vary slightly in contents and quality.
Some spring waters are little different from tap water or well water and contain contaminants such as arsenic or pesticides. Also, tap water in certain communities is known to be unhealthy or even dangerous due to sediment or lead content.  

7. Cleaning and Maintaining Equipment

Distilled water is recommended for many tasks involved with cleaning health care equipment and maintaining automobile and other mechanical parts.
The purity of distilled water makes it ideal for cleaning wounds or health equipment like CPAP machines. Also, distilled water is typically recommended for mechanical tasks like filling up a coolant tank or cleaning off car batteries that have begun to corrode.
Homeowners that have a supply of distilled water in their home don't need to make a special trip to purchase bottled distilled water for tasks that require pure water. 
At Water Transport, we supply distilled water to households in and around Hopedale. Contact us to learn more about distilled water and the other water supply options we offer.


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