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5 Benefits of Using a Water Dispenser in Your Home

Water Dispenser
You probably see water dispensers everywhere you go. You find them in offices, businesses, and waiting areas all over. Water dispensers or coolers are convenient and efficient ways to get a refreshing and filtered cup of water. Have you considered using a water dispenser in your own home? Here is why you should consider doing so.

1. Water Dispensers Promote More Water Drinking

With so many sugary and unhealthy drinking options out there, it's important to remember water is still the best option when it comes to having a drink. Water is essential for health and life, true, but water also comes with benefits beyond just survival. Water can:
  • Help reduce the likelihood of certain cancers
  • Flush bacteria and waste from the body
  • Help prevent or mitigate headaches
  • Help control calories and weight
The list of benefits water provides goes on. Your body literally needs water, and a water dispenser helps to keep you and your household reminded of that by providing a physical reminder in the room and a more convenient way to get a cold sip.

2. Water Dispensers Can Help You Save Money

A water dispenser can replace your need to purchase bottled water. If you pick up jugs and bottles of water frequently, a water dispenser will likely save you a lot of money over time. Filtered and purified water from a dispenser is comparable to, if not better than, bottled water. You get better water for less money without having to go out shopping.

3. Water Dispensers Help the Local and Global Environment

Replacing bottled water with a water dispenser also comes with the bonus benefit of environmental friendliness. You can feel good about reducing the amount of plastic trash your household produces. Many never consider the sheer amount of economic costs that come with bottled water.
Here are just a few points to consider:
  • Bottled water requires energy and oil for packaging and transporting
  • The majority of plastic water bottles and jugs end up in landfills
  • Recycling plastic bottles requires a lot of expensive processing
From beginning to end, plastic bottles represent a burden on the environment, even when recycled. You can do your part by reducing them in your own home.

4. Water Dispensers Give You Better Tasting Water

One reason many people start buying bottled water is because they don't like the taste of their tap water. Water from your dispenser will taste clean and crisp. In turn, the things you make with that water will also taste a lot better. For example, your tea, coffee, and soups will benefit from the cleaner and better tasting water.

5. Water Dispensers Make Water Safe

In Ohio as well as across the nation, various contaminants make their way into the drinking water. Anything from lead to an overabundance of a variety of minerals can make the water taste bad or outright dangerous for some people. Some tap water comes riddled with contaminants you would rather not ingest.
Trace contaminants and minerals won't adversely affect most people. Nevertheless, you may have a sensitivity or need to avoid some specific elements your water may contain. For example, too much of a specific mineral such as sodium is okay for some people but can become a danger to those who must watch their sodium intake.
A water dispenser will allow you to have filtered or purified water without you needing to worry. For those who want to make changes to how they consume water for health reasons, a dispenser is a solid option.
At Water Transport, we provide clean premium water for both commercial and residential customers. If you want to experience the benefits of having a water dispenser in your home, contact us today.


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