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4 Surprising Signs You Aren't Drinking Enough Water

The U.S. pharmaceutical industry is set to grow to $610 billion by the year 2021, but some of the ailments Americans experience might be caused by something that doesn't need a prescription. For millions of people living in a near-constant state of dehydration, symptoms of brain shrinkage, impaired mental acuity, and increased lethargy are common.

These symptoms sound indicative of a serious medical problem, but in reality, they prove that many people aren't drinking enough water.

Dry mouth or thirst is an overt sign that you are dehydrated. However, your body's covert symptoms could be its way of simply asking to be properly hydrated. If you aren't drinking much water or eating foods rich in water content, these surprising signs might mean that you are secretly dehydrated.

1. You Have Senior Moments 

Your brain is arguably one of the most vital organs in your body, and it is comprised of 73 percent water. Even though you're not elderly you might experience senior moments or times when your brain function isn't as it should be.

When you force your brain to operate without enough water, your brain can't function optimally, which leads to mental fog and losses in short-term memory. Dehydration is similar to inadequate oxygen intake, and both are life-threatening conditions.

Extreme dehydration can lead to confusion, dizziness, and eventual coma. Indeed, water is not an option; it is a vital nutrient necessary for proper brain health.

2. You Have Dry Skin or Acne

Skin makes up the integumentary system, which is used to protect our whole body. The skin regulates body temperature through sweating and is the body's largest organ. Therefore, the skin must stay hydrated. In cases of extreme dehydration, the skin is unable to do its job of cooling you down when you get overheated as it loses its ability to produce perspiration.

Your body gets rid of toxins through various systems in the body, including the lungs, kidneys, and skin. By giving your body enough water to properly get rid of toxins through its preferred channels, you decrease acne.

Hydrated skin has natural moisture. Lotion can help moisturize your skin, it isn't effective alone against preventing dry skin. Water is optimum for skin health since it lubricates on a cellular level from the inside out.

3. You Have Joint Pain

When the body is dehydrated, vital organs pull water molecules from other vital body functions. When you're not getting enough water, insufficient amounts of fluid lubricate the spaces between your joints.

Water is essential because it cushions cartilage and spinal discs and prevents bones from grinding upon one another. As a result, proper hydration is required in order to allow joints to absorb the shock of walking up and down stairs or simply rising from a sitting position.

4. You Have Unwanted Weight   

Water is treated more like an option similar to sodas, tea, or coffee, but water is more akin to air in terms of survival needs. Consequently, if you've noticed that you have gained weight, dehydration might be the root cause.

Water aids in weight loss. Therefore, a lack of water tends to have the opposite effect. Instead of drinking water which has zero calories, you may be opting for beverages that contain unhealthy chemicals, sugars, and additives.

Water staves off hunger and is used to quell hunger pains. Without water, you may feel hungrier, and you may confuse your body's request for water with a request for more food.

Your muscle mass also decreases when you're dehydrated. This lowers your metabolism, creating weight gain without increased caloric intakes. Alternately, when you drink more water, you get a metabolism boost which helps you burn more calories.

Make sure that you and your family members are drinking enough water this summer. To help you remember to drink enough, try setting a reminder on your phone and keeping bottles of fresh water with you while on the go. Contact Water Transport to stave off dehydration this summer.


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