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3 Eco-Friendly Water Solutions for Your Festival or Event

drinking  stations

Music festivals and similar events require adequate water for on-site cooking, sanitation, and human hydration. If the water sources are unsuitable or even nonexistent at your event site, what can you do to efficiently and safely provide water?

One solution is to purchase cases of bottled water in small and large sizes. This solution is not the most eco-friendly choice, unless the containers are recyclable. If you choose this option, prepare to pick up a lot of small, empty water bottles at the end of your event. Here are three better choices that save you energy and spare the planet.

1. Set Up Drinking Stations

To facilitate proper hydration and sustainability without a proliferation of water bottles, set up convenient drinking stations throughout your event space. When you cut down on littered bottles and disposable drinkware at your event, you're operating with the green mindset.

Drinking stations can easily be managed with multi-gallon water bottles and ceramic, pump, or other types of dispensers. Hire people to change out the water bottles as needed. This approach requires less labor than having a crew change out constantly overfull trash cans and track down every last water bottle thrown to the ground.

Issue your own branded stainless-steel or other water containers with admission to your event. Or use disposable, compost-ready paper cups in holders at each drinking station.

Hot water dispensers are available from some water delivery services. These devices are useful for hotbeverage making and other food-service applications that require safe hot water sources.

2. Go Bulk for Showers and Toilets

Whether you have trailer-based bathroom facilities or use temporary showers and toilets, you need a safe, healthy water source. In some areas, you can feed into the local fire hydrants but only with prior approval.

Temporary lines connected to municipal water or an established well may also be available on a site. However, any water available at the event location must be tested for potability (suitability for drinking) and other issues before your festival. Water may need to be tested several times after treatments if bacteria or toxins are noted in the samples.

Instead of dealing with the testing and treatment of on-site water, order bulk water for your bathroom needs. The water is delivered clean to be pumped into your clean cisterns and tanks. You can deliver water to showers, sinks, and flush toilets with a gravity flow or pumping system.

You must provide backflow devices on lines running from any water sources, including temporary tanks and cisterns. Backflow prevention keeps contaminated water in delivery lines from being sucked back into the water source lines. With bulk water delivery, you at least have the advantage of starting out with clean, safe water.

3. Ensure Potability With Delivered Water

Portable water can more easily become contaminated in a temporary water system than in a system in continuous use. Temporary water tanks exposed to the sun and heat will begin growing bacteria and other illness-causing pathogens.

Poorly managed water sources may become littered with debris, food waste, insects, and other contaminants. If your event is a multiday event, plan to test stored water and water lines several times each day to monitor bacteria and other critical levels.

When you order water delivery to your site, provide proper storage for water jugs, tanks, and cisterns. This gives you better control over the quality of the water at your event than wondering how clean a well or public water source is.

A professional water-delivery company understands the importance of water safety. The staff will recommend the proper testing methods, disinfectant methods, and other treatments you should use in your festival water program.

Your water delivery company can also provide safe water-storage solutions for your festival location. They may also be able to provide refrigerated water trucks. Refrigerated water is helpful in extremely hot conditions or when you need the water chilled for food-service purposes.

Take care of your event or festival water needs with one call to Water Transport. Whether your event is in Hopedale or Steubenville, Ohio; Weirton, West Virginia; or Beaver, Pennsylvania, we meet your water needs with reliable, experienced service and solutions.


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